It takes courage to play "devil's advocate" a
role Kevin Stoltz has embraced and will need to be filled now
that he is departing council. Kevin has asked me to run for his
seat. Tough times deserve tough questions and Kevin has told
me I am "fearless". My independent critical thinking skills will
be put to good use on behalf of our city.

I am passionate about the principles for which my supporters
and I fought throughout my campaign in 2011.

My message remains simple: We must embrace fiscal  
accountability. We cannot tax, borrow and spend our way to

Folks, we came so close to unseating the incumbent in the
closest race Mukilteo has ever seen.

In my opinion,
raising taxes right after the 2011 election
(after we had been told "Mukilteo is not going broke" and
"Mukilteo is financially sound") was disingenuous and
epitomizes the need for truth and transparency in all matters

Ask this: if we are so "financially sound" then why are we
raising certain taxes
6-7% and continuing to engage in
deficit spending to balance our budget?

We can not afford to have a return to politics as usual and we
must not squander what few financial resources remain.

And we certainly can not afford to have our mayor surround
himself with his personally selected appointees and
councilmembers - his friends who walk in lock-step with him.

We need and deserve an independent city council, working for
ALL the people - not just a rubber stamp for our mayor.